Welcome to the mysterious world of fragrance. We're here to help you unravel the mystery of your nose and find your fragrance. There are some very good reasons why human smell is so powerful and why our experience of scent is so personal. Those wise Ancient Egyptians revered the nose as the most important of all orifices. Smell was the first sense to develop in our ancient brains and it's wired to the emotional part of our brain that connects to our memory. So, let's help unleash your nose power.


Did you know there are such things as ‘fragrance families’? Yep. Just like colours, scents can be grouped together according to how closely related they are – and even matched with complementary scents, just like colours. Fragrance families can be split into four main groups – fresh, floral, warm and woody – each having distinct characteristics. You’ll find your schnozzle gravitates towards one scent family over another without much help from your conscious brain. So, go with this instinctual response and sniff out scents that belong to your nose’s favourite family. Have a nose round our Fragrance Finder for some inspiration.


Is your happy place walking into a florist and burying your nose in a bunch of pillowy peonies? Or do you daydream of lying in a field of wildflowers on a summer’s day, just breathing in the sweet, perfume aromas? If either of those are a yes, then that’s a good indicator that ‘floral’ is your family of scents. White Musk® Flora blends uplifting notes of bergamot with a blooming bouquet of roses and lily of the valley for a fresh, modern twist of our iconic White Musk® fragrance. Heaven scent. 


Do you shut your eyes and whisk yourself off to somewhere warm that’s full of rich scents, opulence, spices and deep florals? If your nose is twitching, it’s possible you’re being seduced by the warm and spicy fragrance family. Discover our dark and addictive Black Musk scent, with captivating notes of spicy pink pepper and creamy ylang-ylang, combined with fierce musk and a sensuous vanilla base. It’ll leave you feeling empowered and believing your own hype.


If you love being in the great outdoors, rambling and the smell of a campfire, then woody scents might be your thing. Try our iconic White Musk@ for men Eau de Toilette - it's a gorgeous warm yet fresh scents, enriched with enveloping notes of sandalwood, geranium and musk. Or, our Activist™ Eau de Toilette, it's the perfect life-enhancing balance of a warm and spicy heart with toe-tingling woody base notes.


Does your imagination perk up when you dream of wandering through a lemon grove to find a hidden coastal cove with the ocean lashing against the rocks? If that’s the case, you might find your nose is pointing you in the direction of invigorating ‘fresh’ scents with ‘fruity’ twists. Look no further than our refreshingly light and fruity blend – White Musk® L’Eau. This uplifting megastar has notes of anisic tarragon and lily of the valley.


Our Community Fair Trade programme has helped us take our fight for female equality global. Through our partnerships, we provide a fair price and market access to artisans and producers around the world – many of them in rural communities with limited employment opportunities. Our trade has helped the women we employ to find stable incomes, independence and the respect they deserve, as well as helping fund community projects that have included promoting girls’ education and equal pay.


For centuries humans have been trying to capture the alluring scents of nature to enhance their own smell. Perfumes combine with our own unique body chemistry and smell slightly different on every person, making choosing your fragrance all the more fun and personal. Once you’ve identified a scent family your nose longs for, next you have to decide how intense you want the smell to be. The word perfume comes from the Latin ‘per’ meaning ‘through’ and ‘fumum’, or ‘smoke’. In the early days perfumes were made from natural oils and then pressed or steamed. Science now allows perfumes to be made in all kinds of clever ways in harmony with the planet. The intensity and how long a scent lasts depends on the concentration of oil it’s made with – ‘eau de parfum’ being higher and lasting the longest, with ‘eau de toilette ‘ being lighter and ‘body mist’ being the most delicate of all three.


And for one final choice of scent intensity, we have Perfume Oil. This deeply sensuous oil and its scent may develop quicker or certain elements of the fragrance may be more noticeable than with a perfume, plus it lasts for up to 10 hours. It’s really down to personal choice so always try a tester and see how you feel. If it gets to part of your brain never previously reached, it might well be your thing. Our gorgeous White Musk® Perfume Oil helps deliver a rich rounded burst of floral notes that you’ll be delighted to have about your person for the long haul.

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Eau de Parfum is super sensual and made with the highest concentration of oil. It’s an intense hit on the senses, lasting up to 6-8 hours. You might go for a perfume on an important day that turns into night, or when you want to draw someone special in close until the early hours. A perfect enchanting perfume partner to give you confidence for big occasions is our White Musk® Eau de Parfum, a firm favourite with you guys since our early days. We were the first people to capture that elusive ‘musk’ scent without harming deer, that’s why it’s famous for being cruelty free. It’s a beautiful light, seductive floral fragrance – you won’t fail to be followed around by an army of admirers with this beautiful scent on your person.

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Don’t be bamboozled by the name ‘Eau de Toilette’ – for the French speakers amongst you, know that it’s not a direct translation to ‘toilet water’ (that would be funny but incorrect!). It’s alluding to water you use to prepare yourself for going out. This versatile glamour puss has slightly less oil concentration than perfume so you can pop it on as a light natural addition to amazing you, whatever mission you’re on, day or night. It will leave a trail of subtle gorgeousness about your person for around 4-5 hours. There’s no better everyday partner-in-crime than our White Musk® Eau de Toilette, as ever, cruelty free and the perfect bundle of feminine florals to put a spring in your step whatever the weather.

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Body Mist, as the name suggests, is a wonderful refresher that you can take on your daily travels and spray all over your body to liven up the mood. It has a low concentration of oils and lasts up to 1-2 hours. So, it’s perfect if you’re more at ease with a lighter scent, especially in the daytime during summer months, where there are lots of smells mingling in the air. At this time, more delicate fragrances tend to create more harmony with you and your environment. And of course we have our most loved scent ready for you in a Body Mist too, say hello to our White Musk® Fragrance Mist – a heaven-sent welcoming floral spritz. Invigorating enough to have you imagining cartwheeling all over the park with joy.

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“I Love White Musk® Eau De Toilette, It Has A Fresh Feel And I Have A Lot Of Compliments When Wearing It!”


About White Musk® Eau de Toilette


Fragrance isn't just about scent, it goes much deeper in helping you express who you are and how you're feeling. With our new Choice fragrance collection you can get expressive on a whole other level by switching up your scent to suit your mood. We've got five new uplifting and empowering fragrances.


Express your joy with a few spritzes of our Glowing Cherry Blossom scent. It has sweet, delicate notes of Japanese cherry blossom, osmanthus and sandalwood that radiate joy.

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Bring some serious serenity to your day with Blissful Strawberry. This sweet, easy-going fragrance has notes of strawberry, peony and cruelty-free musk.

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Liberate your wild side with Wild Jasmine. Its floral and creamy notes of Indian jasmine, violet leaf and white iris will free your adventurous spirit.

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Trust Vibrant Bergamot to lift your spirits. It's a bold and bright citrussy blend of bergamot, magnolia and lily of the valley. If you love fruity and floral fragrances, then get spritzing.

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Express your defiant side with Rebel Rosebud. This heady floral scent - with unruly notes of rose absolute, saffron and amber will set free your inner rebel.

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We asked our global fragrance expert for tips on how to get the most out of your scent and help make it last longer.


You're looking for your 'pulse points' - places where your blood vessels are close to the surface, helping the scent to be retained by your body efficiently and where there's more heat to help it diffuse. Places like your wrists, neck, the inside of your elbows, knees or just below your belly button.


You don't want your skin to appear wet with the scent, you want to be far enough away (5 inches/ 12cm) so the fragrance arrives on your skin as a fine spray and is diffused over a patch of skin where it can be absorbed easily.


No! Perfume likes to be left to settle atom-by-atom on your skin, to gently diffuse and reveal itself to you and the world in it's own time. Rubbing it may encourage it to vanish faster than if you leave it to its own devices.


Perfume likes to breathe on your skin and gently immerse itself into the air around you. So, if you squirt behind your knees and then cover up, that heavenly scent will stay in your tights and not get to be unleashed on the world.


Where you store your perfume will factor into its lifespan. The heat and humidity of a bathroom or sunny bedroom may cause it to lose its scent quicker. The best places to pop it are somewhere cool, away from radiators and sunbeams.


When you're all heart and want to show that heart to someone you care about, fragrance is a relationship-shaping way to do that. Our noses are so sensitive and connected to our emotions, a perfume gift set tells someone that you're thinking about them — and that you want them to think about you too. It's an intimate gift that touches every part of someone's being — from the skin through to the mind. A fragrance gift can really make someone feel very much loved, so, go on. there's a lot of happiness to be shared here.