It’s hard to relax in times of stress. And it doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Stress can be caused by a number of things – work, finances and situations that are out of your control. Whatever it is that causes you stress, it’s important to try take a step back, relax and centre your thoughts. For some, relaxing means meditation and breathing exercises. For others, it’s a bubble bath and a little bit of self-care. Whichever way you like to find peace in times of stress, here are some of our top tips on how to relax.


Sometimes stress can be caused by overthinking. Gather your thoughts and focus your mind by practicing a little meditation and mindfulness. We know meditation isn’t for everyone, so if you struggle to keep your mind clear, try body scanning. Body scanning is the process of closing your eyes, and paying attention to each part of your body, bringing awareness to how you feel and paying even closer attention to any aches, pains, tension or general discomfort. It’s a simple, fool proof way of checking in on your body while taking your mind away from whatever is causing you stress.

Breathing exercises are also a great way to check in with yourself and calm your mind. They require minimal effort and help slow your heart rate and bring your mind and body back down to a relaxed state.



Lie flat on your back and place both hands on your stomach.


Breathe in through your nose, counting to four as you do. Feel your stomach rise.


And exhale. Breathing out through your mouth, counting to four as you do. Feel your stomach fall.


Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed and until your heart rate has come down.


The good old-fashioned way to release some tension – take a nice, long soak in the tub and practice a little self-care. Run the bath, fill it with your favourite bubbles or bath bomb and get ready to relax. Set the ambience just right by lighting that candle you were saving for a special occasion, dim the lights and put on some chilled music. We even have a playlist you can listen to which you can check out below. It’s the perfect way to really have some ‘you time’ and to remove yourself from all the goings-on in the outside world.

After your bath, treat your skin to some nourishment with a rich Body Butter or Body Yogurt. Not only will they make your skin feel smooth, but you’ll also smell great. An excellent pick-me-up.


In times of stress, sometimes all you want to do is curl up under the duvet and wait for it all to pass. But that doesn’t always help. Often, the best way to overcome stress is to get your body moving and to get your blood pumping. Exercise is known for releasing endorphins – or the ‘happy hormone’ as we like to call it – the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation after a great workout.

And doing a workout from home is super easy. All you need is a class to follow on YouTube or Instagram and a bottle of water to see you through. Trust us, after 30 minutes of jumping around your living room, you’ll be feeling great. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some post-workout body care afterwards, then you’ll really be feeling tip top.


Healthy sleeping habits are extremely important when it comes to improving your mood and mental health. Poor sleeping patterns and lack of sleep can often be linked to stress, anxiety and irritability. By creating and following a bedtime ritual, your body will start to feel less tense and your mind will feel a lot clearer.

Why not try a relaxing Pillow Mist to help you feel relaxed and prepared for a restful night's sleep? Or treat yourself to some self-care with a night cream or sleep mask. They’re also a great way to unwind before bed while providing some TLC for your skin. And lastly, try and avoid blue light from your phone for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Instead, pick up a book, your favourite magazine, or listen to a relaxing podcast.